Friday, March 9, 2012

Middle Ages

One of the girls is dyslectic.
It's always a struggle for her when she needs to read a lot. It takes her at least twice as much time as others and it tires her more too.
But she battles her own battle and most of the time she does very well.

The past week we've dealt with the seasonal flu. A nasty bug that causes headaches, nausea and faintedness. Apart from the runs.

When she went to school again today she was flooded with homework tasks. One was for literature history.
She had to work on a site and others had already said it was far too much.
So we logged in together. I hate kids complain about homework, but when they're right they're right.

The site was huge!
The main layer was full of links to different subject.
She had to work on the Middle Ages and the Golden Era.
Those pages contained about 30 to 40 links to pages which were sites in itself.
A main large text, with questions about it, and all sorts of links to new texts with new links.
One of them was a 10 lessons long subject about the old dutch language. Including grammar.

It seemed too detailed and more something for university students.

I also checked other links and I thought the same. The wagonplays of the middle ages were all mentioned with a summary of it's content.
In my time we read them all during the language lessons, but this teacher skips that and makes the pupils do it all at home.

I mailed her asking what she wants to be done, because studying the whole site will take about 4 to 5 years. The time a university study lasts.

Do you think what I think?


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