Thursday, March 15, 2012

Ill and deduction

There's always something with the school of the girls.

Last week most of us had the seasonal flu, including the girls.

My dyslectic daughter was really ill. She slept a lot, and the rest of the time she felt nauseated.
Well, I had the same, still have a bit.

Monday she went to her english teacher to discuss an exam about a book.
She was clear about not having finished the book at all.
The teacher didn't ask anything. The exam would be on thursday.

Even though my daughter worked hard, she didn't manage to read the book completely. Part was due to the fact that she began again from page one, to be sure she would remember everything.

She mailed the teacher about it and expected the exam would be moved to the end of next week or so.
Instead she got a mail stating the teacher would deduct points.

So I suggested the teacher to contact the classteacher to discuss the matter, or invite me over for a talk.
I also asked how much point she was going to deduct.

I think those teacher are overstressed because of the international exchange.
The whole school is upside down during those two weeks. Added to that all the stress about the financial cutbacks.

Well, I informed the classteacher, stating that I think it's not wise to deduct points for dyslexia and illness. But it's up to them.


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