Thursday, March 1, 2012

He's got it!!

a place to liveMy second son got the news a while ago that he was considered ready to change the protected living environment (an apartment with an assistant available for a few hours a week in another apartment in the same building and on call 24/7) to a normal apartment.
He never used the on call opportunity.

About two months ago he was offered... eh... something.
A living space no one wants. We drove past it yesterday and it's still empty.
Refusing it was quite a problem but an interesting experience for me as a journalist.
When I had to interview one of the council people it enabled me to ask some very serious questions about how people are treated.

Then he got a week ago the news there was another apartment available.
Parking pace in front, as requested.
Good neighbourhood, as requested.
With doors in it, as requested.
More than one room, as requested.
Closed kitchen, as requested.
It is go-o-o-od!!

So good that when he got the key last tuesday he started painting immediately, and we went to that Swedisch I... shop yesterday.

He's so happy, so very happy.

And I'm too.
He made a better start than we did.

Maybe, maybe we've got an extraordinary name and that council person pulled some strings?
We'll never know.


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