Friday, March 30, 2012

A great shock

The girls finished their week full of tests and special assignments.
For one of them another step to her final exam.

We were so glad this week of stress was over again.
They worked so very hard to do it all well.

One of the girls was going to stay for the weekend with her oldest brother.
They had plans to go to an anime event.

The other one planned to go shopping with a friend and relax, and relax, and relax.

So we were supposed to have one of those friday afternoons before the weekend that we shed off the week and had our eyes on some peace and quiet.

In the morning there was a rumour at school an accident had happened somewhere on the main streets. But in a city more accidents happen, so there was not much special attention.

When both girls were home from school and just about half an hour after one of them had gone to her brother, we got a mail from school. Like all parents are glued to their mail. We only got it because we gave the officemail too.

The mail stated an accident had happend to one of the children of a teacher and that all schoolchildren would be supported at school.


My kids got no support at all, and we couldn't support them because we didn't even know the name of the family involved.
A mail went back to school.

Not long after that a message appeared at the schoolsite with the name of the child and the teacher. They didn't even bother to mail us back or mail us to tell us where to find it.

The shock was incredible.
We know the girl well.
She's the sister of a nice boy who was the classmate of one of the girls. The same boy is a close friend of one of our circle of friends.

Turned out she died after a terrible accident.
A truckdriver didn't take the lawn to the right but went on the line for straightforward traffic.
He realised too late he wantede to go right.
Instead of going straightforward and take a turn at a roundabout at the next crossing he went right from the straightforwardlane, not realising the bicycles were at his right to cross the street.
He drove straight over her and she got caught on his vehicle and was carried under it for quite an amount of metres before someone caught his attention and made him stop.

It was too late.

She died...

13 years...

a beautiful, kind, bright girl....



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