Sunday, March 11, 2012


Parent's evening again.

I was not happy we only had a meeting of 10 minutes, meaning more than two hours away from home for 10 minutes.
But my son was able to fetch me. Long live the car!!! (I can tell you, it won't live long anymore. Ugh!)

We discussed my daughter dyslexia and the teacher told me she was very much impressed by her dedication to schoolwork.

My daughter want's to become a balletdancer or teacher and that means she has to finish a certain level of school, otherwise she won't be admitted to the ballet academy. She's one of the very happy few who know what to do with her education.
I also told her she should get a plan B, in case she won't get through the auditions.
Some years they look for a special kind of girl, and when they want brown hair and you've got black hair you won't be accepted.
Well she's got a plan B too, and even a bit of a plan c.

Her balletteachers are convinced she'll be good ballet academy "material" and they're training her now.
Great people.

They've suggested asking the school for special priviliges, like top sporters have.

The class teacher was all for it, and had even a good suggestion for the letter to the schoolleader.

I'm happy the girls are doing so well at school. And even though I'm not happy with that school at all, the classteachers try all they can to create a good schooltime.

(They won't be able to erase the effects of what the two teachers in the past said. Such a pity they created an image of the girls and us that was not true. Saying my girls were afriad to go to school! We still talk about that once in a while, because the girls never had one day they felt hesitation to go to school, let alone fear.)


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