Sunday, March 18, 2012

Changing the room

We've been looking how to change the room of the girls.
If it was up to me and I had enough money I would empty the complete room and create a whole new one.

They love their room.
I don't think it's impressive, but they love the feel of the place.

With good weather arriving this week it's time to get the thickest winterclothes removed from the wardrobe and kept at the attick.
Time for the big change, whatever it might be.

One of the girls suggesting to interchange a wardrobe and a closet, and removing a thin wall which was created at their wish when they were small.
They wanted a dreambed then, with a circus and arabic feel.

So we created a wall with holes in it at the top, suggesting clouds, painted dark blue and with lighting in the dark stars.
Red and gold cushions on the bed, paintings of windows on the wall overlooking the sea and hills, and lots of gold paint everywhere. Even the roof was coloured in the favorite red.
It was lovely and a fun place to play and sleep.

Later it became a nice corner to read and now the bed has been removed and it's a studycorner of one of the girls.

Interchanging the wardrobe and closet means a complete change of the feel of the room.

So we have to discuss this well, because it also means less space to store things.


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