Monday, March 12, 2012

Attack on schoolkids

The last week it was international student exchange at school.
Yep, the event my girls participated in last year.

I remember asking the schoolleaders about the responsibility for the students and they said school was only responsible during school hours. I kept on confronting them that they were taking our kids abroad and that meant they had full responsibility 24 hours a day. Maybe handing it to the parents there, but they still were sole end-responsible, as they accepted the choice of parents by the other schools.

Both my girls had a good time.

Some incoming students didnt have a good time here though.

They came at the busstation last week, after an evening of fun.
A group of gang-like young people started threatening them and beating them.
They ran to the host-family and their boy stood outside helping the freightened kids into the house when a friend of a neigbour gave him such a blow that he passed out.

Later it turned out he had a concussion and jaw injury.

So tell me... will these parents accept none was responsible for these kids?


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