Monday, February 13, 2012

Switch covers

Finally the temperature is above zero.
Even the light has changed.

It means the livingroom is in a better light than the weeks before and it's time again to finish those walls.

Last weeks the new lamp arrived after waiting for it for over two months.
Now I can see what still needs to be done.

For some unknown reason the switches are not behind or near the door, like in my former homes, but right opposite the door at the center of the wall. Someone must have been sleeping.

Ofcourse we tried to hide the non-functional thing (no lamp attached), but I think it's better to make a nice feature of it by using one of those fancy switchplate covers I found at the site of the Switchplate Superstore.
I really love them and when I would have been younger I'd probably used them even without a switch underneath.

I've also decided I want another table.
Maybe one with a glass top and a display underneath.
The children are old enough to be careful.
But first we have to change a few other things in the house, like moving some furniture around.


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