Saturday, February 25, 2012

Reading sunglasses for me?

The other day someone said to me that he didn't want reading glasses because they looked terrible.
Can you imagine that?
I told him he should update his knowledge and opinion about reading glasses because we've come out of the dark ages when there were still half moons visible in ridiculous small glasses.

The reading glasses people can buy now just look like ordinary glasses. They have very nice frames and there's no moon visible anymore.
One can even buy reading sunglasses.

In fact I would like to have those.
My eyes are quite sensitive to light, this includes the sun, but also sharp artificial light. Reading sunglasses would solve a huge problem. I don't like sunbathing, but I like sitting in the sun and read a good book. I never do, because I have to use my ordinary sunglasses and can't read or use my reading glasses and get a headache within an hour.

Wish I would be able to order a pair of those nice glasses and have a good summer.


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