Monday, February 20, 2012

The new edition of the paper

Finally, finally we managed to launch an new edition of the paper.
It feels it took ages. And in a way it did.

The earn enough money through advertising was a huge, huge problem.
Due to the recession not many shopowners wanted to use the printed paper to present their products to the public.
We had only one person to get enough ads in and he was fed up with the job. he tried to motivate others, but none felt experienced enough to go to shopowners and talk with them about the subject. Once a no is a no forever, so it's a risk no one else was going to take.

Then there was the issue of final checks of the articles.
The person who wanted to do it all by himself couldn't do it.
He started working too late and when he did he was messing around with my articles so much, that I refused my name under them.
To me it was not a real problem, as long as the reader gets what he wants or needs. But the guy himself felt awkward about it.
Well, he had me mad when he first diminished an article a lot and later turned it into his own idea by putting all sorts of irrelevant details in it.
He did so far after midnight.
And by putting so much of his own ideas in the articles of others he also took a lot more time than scheduled, so the layout man was all over the place because he couldn't start his job in time. He had to send the paper to the printer without proofreading the last bit, resulting in some language mistakes that shouldn't have been there.

Well... when the paper came from the printer it took so much time to get it to the mail, that I said I would do it all alone next time.

On top of this all the man who coordinated the distribution jot a new job out of town and left it to someone who didn't even signal it was a problem.
That took time too so the new edition coincided with carnaval, meaning I had to whistle back part of the distribution (to cafe's and restaurants) and postpone the hand outs to the wednesday after carnaval.

I was not happy with this super inefficient way of dealing with it all, so the next edition will be made far more efficiently.

It all took a lot of energy I could have used elewhere.


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