Saturday, February 25, 2012

New cufflinks

When I was member of the bagpipeband I had to wear cufflinks.
I had some very beautiful ones with the scottish thistle.

After leaving the band I kept my blouses and a few days ago I was tidying my wardrobe and came accross them.
Blouses with cufflinks are in fashion again, so I plan to wear them again. But with different cufflinks.

Ofcourse I can wear nice ones with an abstract image on them or a nice stone. To find some I went online to for cuff links and got a far better idea when I saw that one can also order custom made ones.
Why not have cufflinks with the logo of the paper?

My girls looked with me and suddenly started to whisper between them.
Maybe they were talking about gifting me a pair with my initials on them?


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