Thursday, February 9, 2012

It won't happen.

No Elfstedentocht.

I had a meeting this evening, but someone would fetch me with his car, so I was dependent upon his call saying he was on his way.

When it was announced that the committee that decides about the Elfstedentocht was to give a press conference at 8 I knew the meeting would start late.

Just before eight all children came from the different places they were to the livingroom.
It was one of those special moments in history. Would it happen?

We feared not, because the ice was not at the approriate thickness, but maybe...maybe...

When the pressconference started the chairman said he had bad news.

Even though we knew inside that it wouldn't happen, it was a disappointment.

For a short while we hope the weatherforecast was wrong and we would get some terrible nights of cold. But no. They were right.

Something that always binds people together was not going to happen.

In a way it's a good feeling that it was not a real human decision.
Nature plays the main role in this event.


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