Saturday, February 11, 2012

Indian Reservation

1. Do you enjoy going to a casino now and again?

No. I'm not going to spend our money on gambling. No way!

2. What makes you happy most of the time?

That my children feel happy.

3. Are you jealous of someone right now?

No. I'm not a jealous person. Why want something someone else already has?

4. You're stranded on a desert island with one fictional character. Who is it? Why?

The man of my dreams. :)

5. Have you ever been in the emergency room? If yes, for what (most recently)?

Yep. A while ago. One of the kids had a bad fall that needed medical attention.

6. Where is the last place you drove to just for fun?

Germany. We live near the border and we mix fun, enjoying nature, with getting groceries. The items we use are less expensive there, so that's a nice feeling too.

Sadly our car died, so these trips are over.

7. If you were to make your living as a photographer, what would love to shoot?

Scotland, nature, sea, mountains.

8. Tell us about a band you like that we might not have heard.

Even when I tell about it you won't ever hear it play. So why spend the energy?

9. Where was the last place you went shopping? Why?

The shopping centre here.
We needed the weekly groceries and I wanted to look for a brooch for a friend. Found no brooch.

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