Monday, January 23, 2012

A trip

The children were very young when they feel in love with duplo trains and when they expressed an interest in real trains we took them with us. First on a short stretch, to town. Later on trips all over the country.
We taught them how to travel, because the might be autistic, but that didn't mean their world should be limited.

The oldest in particular loved traveling by train, and he was the one who introduced daytrips for me as a birthday present.
My birthday is next friday, but today he took me on a trip across the country.
(We first planned yesterday, but we had too much to do).

It was nice to be back in Amsterdam.
We didn't stay very long, because we planned to go to a kind of bazar in Beverwijk. I've never been there and I was curious, as many people told me it's nice to shop there.

First we had to ask where to go. The guy we asked was very unkind. Pff.
We're from the other side of the country and deal with people in a slightly different way. We take out time to be friendly.

It was a firm walk. It started to storm and the wind made those great stormy sounds. Great!

Entering the bazar was quite interesting as I didn't know what to expect.
It was HUGE!!!!

We walked there for hours and we didn't see everything.

But we were at the part of the eastern countries. Which was in fact more the islamic part. Some parts were very crowded and more than once I was the only woman not wearing a scarf. Men staring at me, older men looking at me like they were saying hej..what are you doing here looking like that. It was like I was in a foreign country. (Yep, I was the one with the almost grey hair.)
I respected them, for instance by stepping aside when they were called for prayer (yes it was even broadcasted there), so they could move fast to where they were going. But I have a bit of doubt if it worked the other way around.
When we arrived in the chinse part I felt far more at ease.
And when my favorite buddha shop was present I was delighted. LOL!

Ive never seen so many different restaurants at a few square kilometers. Me oh my! When we walked on the pavement of the main "street" I got nauseated by all the different smells.
Ofcourse I was invited for a free meal by a turkish man who wanted a smiling woman in his restaurant to attract other people. I didn't accept it.
And one of the chinese women we bought food from on buddha day invited us in her restaurant too. But we didn't accept that either. We thought that we would never be able to walk when we would sit down.

Well, my son found a sweater he liked for 2 euro 99!!
And I bought a cape for 5 euro. Very, yep, very red. Haha! I can use it when we start our new journalism project for the paper. People can find me easily when I walk around in my red cape.
In the train I saw it was from a very good designer. Wow!
At home I saw it was not fleece, but 80% wool. Wow!
And on internet I saw that the cape is sold for 149 euros. Wow!
I looked if something was wrong with it... No!

We planned to go to the boach to have a walk while the sun was setting, but we missed the train by a few seconds. It was gone too early.
I said that maybe it was delayed a lot and it was the former train.

Well, we decided to skip the beach and go for dinner to our favorite frites (french fries) restaurant. Something went worng with the order and I got no sause, but I didn't mind at all. Even plain everything was delicious.

Through the blazing storm we went to the train and before Amsterdam we got stuck for 20 minutes. According to the train organisation it was because the police was hunting down some people. Can't find anything in the online papers about it, nor on TV. Strange.
All trains were delayed and it was a mess at the station.
My oldest doesn't display many autism spectrum disorder symptoms anymore, but he does know all the schedules by heart and he has an insight in the solutions for massive delays. I was talking to someone I vaguely know and who had to go to Utrecht, when he said he wanted to go elsewhere. We were just on our way when the announcement was made that.... We were the first to reach the train. When I looked back many people were running to catch the train in time.

Well, we were home in time to see the new series on BBC one about midwifes, I showed off the cape and after coffee and such I started to catch up with household tasks.
Can't leave the house for a day.

It's time to put the second load of laundry in the machine and find my bed.
Tomorrow is a good day to do the rest that's left.


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