Wednesday, January 25, 2012

These boots are made for walking...

After we finished the meeting of the paper last week one of the journalists decided to entertain us with a description of some of the most interesting people in our town.
It's a nice and relaxing way of keeping us up to date with their activities.
I don't have a problem with that. It's more of a display of his love for the city and it's certainly not gossip.

We all smiled when we were talking about our conversations with one of the most remarkable men who lives downtown.
It's a guy who dresses like a movie-cowboy. Big hat, leather coat and ofcourse cowboy boots. With spurs.
All high quality as he sells them in his shop.

He's a nice guy, always ready to talk and to have fun.
But the past time he's dealt with a few robberies in his shop.
We admire the way he copes with the resulting stress, and maybe some other shop-owners can learn from him.
I think that he should be interviewed for our next edition. The more people know each other, the more they will help each other. And maybe he has some good ideas.

My birthday is approaching very soon and this all made me realise I can put a few items from his shop on the wishlist.
A few years ago someone gave me a cowboyhat and a real leather cowboycoat.
It's a pity I hardly wear it.
With a nice pair of cowboyboats the outfit would be complete.
The present discounts at Bootcity might help.

Now I've got a song in my head: "These boots are made for walking..."


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