Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Supervulcana near us?

The daily mail set a whole lot of writers and scientists off by placing an article about a supervulvacano 390 km from London.
Under the Laacher See, which in fact is about a 120 km from here, or maybe less, a caldera vulcano is sleeping well.
It erupted 12.900 years ago and according to the Daily Mail it erupts every 10 to 12.000 so it's far over time. Even worse, they say, there's carbon dioxide bubbling, so the disaster is near.
When it gets active it will be like the Pinatubo, causing death, lowering of temperature and the whole lot.

I don't know who has been on holiday at the Laacher See without knowing that the bubbling there has been going on for centuries. It's a kind of passive discharge of the magma in the middle of the earth and no one ever makes anything of it. Yep, except the reporter of the Daily.

I guess we'll be confronted with doomsday scenarios this whole year, and when they're clever they save something for 2013, because, well, the 13 is not giving much hope, is it?

I have to say however that we did have an earthquake last year and that doesn't happen often here.
Maybe that's a sign of the supervulcano getting ready?

No. It was probably due to the mining in Germany.

Londoners shouldn't worry.
When the vulcano erupts it'll get us first and ofcourse we'll call your prime minister to warn him some ash is coming your way.

So don't worry...


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