Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Saying goobye forever to dearest friend

Step by step life is leaving him.
Tomorrow we're going to speak to each other on the phone and saturday I will visit him at the place where he is now, at the other side of the country.

We planned a day out on a cheap trainticket that enables people to travel by train during one day in the weekend.

I hope to visit chinese friends in Amsterdam and wish them a happy new year, go to the beach, which will be one of the last times as those cheap tickets will disappear, and in the evening we'll visit my friend, spending a lot of money on the bus, but I want to visit him.
It depends on the chat on the phone tomorrow if saturday will be a relaxing day.

I hope I'll be able to see him then and say a proper goodbye.

He's my best friend of over 40 years.
I think he knows me better than anyone else.
So sad... and yet I feel grateful to have known him and take care of his paper.


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