Thursday, January 19, 2012

Rudi van Dantzig died today

It's very long ago.
With a balletcollegue I'd witnessed some dancing sessions with choreographers and I stayed in Amsterdam for a few days. Her mom was a great cook and wanted me to taste about everything of her specialities.
She needed some castor sugar one of those days and I said I would get some at one of the small groceries nearby.

I was near a corner when someone on a bicycle came towards me, smiled to me, said "Hi, keep on dancing" and touched my heart for a moment.
It was Rudi van Dantzig who greeted me. I was quite surprised that such a great man had remembered me from one or two looks he gave us when he passed the window of the room where we were dancing and that he took the effort to give me a push in the balletdirection.

He was one of the best 3 choreographers our country ever had. (others: Hans van Manen and Toer van Schayk)
He was inspired and inspirational, he could invest a tremendous amount of emotion in his work, and on the other side could request in a very businesslike manner pure perfection. The intensity in his facial expression when observing dancers one way of another has become part of my intensity when dancing. It was complete being in the moment and at the same time being reflective.

To me he always had something boyish in his face, even when he was 70 and older. His looks resembled my best friend's looks a lot, especially when he had some innner fun.

It's strange he isn't among us anymore.
But those who have known him, even for a short moment, will keep his spirit with them.

Bye Rudi, I took your advice serious. Thank you,


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