Tuesday, January 10, 2012


I had to think about her performance quite often while I was working. (see yesterday).
Pity I had to wait until the evening, because she went to ballet lesson straight from school. Eating with her brother in town today.

When she came home with all her bags, looking like the professional balletdancers I've had around me for so many years, she smiled.
"I know what you want to ask. Let me first get my stuff upstairs and put on other clothes."

When she came downstairs she was still smiling.
"You were right.
There was no need to perform in front of the group, he wanted to take the exam without the group. And he gave us a try out first. All I have to do is learn the words and sing without reading them. That can be managed in 14 days. He said we will pass without any problems, because we did great.
And mom, they've asked me to dance on stage with modern dance too at the annual performance of the balletschool. That'll be three times on stage: ballet, pointe and modern dance."

I can't keep myself from saying that performing ballet is as difficult for others as she thought it to be for her when singing. With the only exception: she also has a good voice and comes from a very talented singing family.
"Yes, that's what I thought too when I went to music classes today."

On saturday it's open day at the musical academy here.
She doesn't want to study musical, but ballet. Having a peek what others do can only broaden the horizon, so we agreed to go together.
Maybe there's more talent to be acknowledged, I thought. But she has to discover that herself.

The world of ballet and theatre isn't always a fun place to be. The competition is harsh. If she wants to go and study there it's up to her. I'll help her and support her. But I won't push her one little bit.
I know that world far too well. Without a strong inner drive one won't make it there.

She has that drive though.


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