Saturday, January 14, 2012

No phone for a month?

I'm trying to live without a phone.

It's marvellous to do without a phone.
Getting things done is so much easier without being disturbed and one isn't any longer the playball of people who are bored or who have too much time at their hands.

Ofcourse it's not all rosey and nice.

Suddenly someone who hasn't been in contact for over two years wants me on the phone. Urgent. Now!
It reminds me of the time that I had a phone and had to take it with me wherever I went, otherwise I had to call back too many people. No way I could hang one load of laundry at once. Or whipe the floor.
People jumped into my life the way and at the time they wanted too. Even a polite "is it convenient ?" was a disturbance. When you think it's not convenient, don't call.

It's about one week without a phone now.
I think everybody should try this.
Imagine being in the shops and enjoying your daydreams about a long bath with that deliciously smelling bathfoam. Putting that heavy bag of potatoes in your trolley is suddenly something that's not important or a burden anymore. You can use both hands, and keep daydreaming.

I also liked the fact that none of the boys was able to call me when they were on their bicycle. No strange breathingnoises in my ear anymore.

I can recommended this to anyone.


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