Thursday, January 26, 2012

No meeting, but a lot to do.

We hurried home, I ate some sandwiches while dinner was cooked and was brushing my teeth when the family was having dinner.
I was ready in time to step into the car... was waiting... saw the clock ticking and waited a lot more. When we nearly had no time left to be in time for the meeting, I called my son. He was called that the meeting was cancelled.

So I sat down again.

It the way things go at the paper.
No responsibility, no questions if certain subjects should be discussed, just a cancellation.

So I mailed those who should dó something, to do their bit and otherwise let me know.
The site needs to be renewed urgently if we want to stay in touch with online readers and maybe attract some readers of other papers to read ours too. And certainly to get some advertisers.
If they can't manage..give me the passwords and let me put the whole site online.
After helping so many people making their sites, designing them, etc etc, I can do in a few days of concentrated work what needs to be done.

I also urged the only board member which is left to decide on a new board.
Someone needs to take responsibility and I want to, but fully backed by a board, not as some volunteer who works hard and is only confronted with people who don't care.
The decisions which are taken at the moment are not businesslike enough. There's no insight in economical responsibilities.

At some moments I ask myself why I bother so much.
My friend contacted me and just yelled some orders through the phone. He doesn't feel well, I can understand. And my phone is a mess. Sometimes I have to ask for a repeat.
He orders me to do things I can't unless people work with me and for the paper.
He's irritated that he needs to call from a mobile phone to my mobile, which is more expensive than calling to a regular phone. Well, I can't afford to have a home-connection, not with so many kids in puberty. Not with people who won't respect the fact that my life is more than sitting by the phone waiting for their call.

I don't want to accuse the last board member of neglect, but he's got more than 2 years to get a new board and I've handed him a new one on a platter.
The guy can't make decisions. Or should I say can't make decisions that might make his ego seem to be a little less.

So I mailed the people involved what needs to be done.
I assume my need for efficiency made the mails less friendly.

I created my own work today by mailing people to request interviews.
The new major doesn't give them before his duty for the town starts at february 1.
Kind of strange as another paper already published an interview.
But one of the councilmembers is pleased to receive me tomorrow morning.
When I did some research on his person and the hot issue of renting houses to people who are in an urgent situation, I found out he's got the same birthday as I have.
It's fun!
We share ours with Lewis Caroll, Mikhail Baryshnikov, Mozart and Jerome Kern.

So wish me luck.


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