Thursday, January 12, 2012

New glasses, old eyes

Finally the new glasses were ready.
I remember that I got my first pair when I was 4 and suddenly the world was bright and clear to see.

I didn't expect the same experience. Instead I was a bit curious if the new glasses would be an improvement after the woman found out that the axis of one of my eyes had shifted.

Well, I didn't know what happened when I put on the new glasses. I could see clear, sharp, and had a better vieuw both far and nearby.
So I'm happy with that.

Tomorrow will be a well filled day.

First I have to do quite a lot of work for the paper. The new temporary mayor has been nominated and I'm quite curious why he has never been able to stay longer than 4 years at a job. He's like a bee, flying from flower to flower. I want to know why someone who is considered a good one has such a lot of short stays on his CV.

In the evening we'll attend a balletperformance of the girls.

It'll also be a change of weather. From the double digits celcius during the day we'll experience a drop after the afternoon due to change of winddirection and cooler air. Winter? Finally? Maybe snow at my birthday? Imagine!!!


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