Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Monday, monday, tada tatada!

The storm yesterday cleaned my head.
What a pity the alarm woke me up early, but I was not really bothered. I had a song in my head. Monday, monday....

The days here are never alike.

Today my second son came very early, and we had a nice talk about all sorts of things. Right when he was ready to leave the phone rang and a friend asked me over for coffee.
I was almost flattered that she wanted to spend her only free morning of the month with me.
It was nice to have some proper mom's talk. Our kids grew up together and she also has autism spectrum disorder in the family.
We had a giigle when her sone came home from school and I asked without thinking: "How was it at school? Did it go well?". I alsways ask that when my kids come home and use the time when saying the words to stop what I'm doing and go to the livingroom to sit down and listen to the answers. So I sat there waiting for his answer and he bursted out telling us about lost hours and such.
he was happy to vent and after that he was very relaxed and had a few sandwiches. They tasted him well, I could see that. :)

After that I went home and did what needs to be done on mondays: cleaning and such.
The afternoon went by very fast. Before I knew it was time to start dinner.

When the girls came home from ballet we had a nice dinner and a lot of fun.
We also wondered why school keeps on requesting the kids to be present at information evenings about professions when they've made their choice clear and firm.
One wants to be a nurse and won't become anything else and the other has chosen for a balletcarreer and has a plan B as a yogateacher or dancetherapist. We're looking tinto the courses given in Glasgow for the last profession, as they are the best in Europe. Interesting is that the school of the girls has no information at all about studying abroad, so we don't know what to do on those evenings. Especially not as she misses out on her balletlessons.

I still think the school has lost touch with reaility a bit.
They tried to withhold the kids to strike against cutbacks on education, but on thursday the school has given the pupils a day off because the teachers will be on strike against the same cut backs.
It's also known that many parents struggle with the extra costs and yet today one of the girls told me they have to go to Rotterdam and The Hague for some cultural events. I bet the school won't pay for that. They don't even ask the parents if they agree with these scheduled events.
Well, we should be happy as one of the other groups will visit another part of the world: they'll go to India.
After all these years I get the feeling the teachers like to go there and they bring it as an educational trip for the students.

I hope the expensive trip will involve a visit to one of the famous dance companies of our country. Just one to go and my balletgirl has visited them all.
I thought she would hesitate to make the choice for a balletcarreer when she would see how hard dancers have to work, but instead of it she's even more motivated.
I myself have a careful way of selfreflection. She has to make her own choice. I won't push her, knowing the world from isdie out and the other way around, but I also won't plead against her choice. I want to support her though.
Her present school offers a lot of facilities for sporters but nothing for balletgirls. Maybe time to write the government again. Last time I did the facilities at school didn't improve, but the ballet academies got in closer contact.

well, that's for another day.

Kung Hai Fat Choi, dear chinese friends!


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