Friday, January 27, 2012


The interview went very well.
Even though we were caught in a traffic jam, we arrived in time.
I got some interesting statements, was able to get a good relationship for the future and we had a good time.
He enjoyed the interview so much that he gave us 15 minutes extra.
Sorry, collegues of a larger paper, you had to wait.

It was a pity that the parkingsystem now entails paying before leaving the car.
We were just in time to hurry back to the car and leave the parking lot. We planned to do some shopping and have a coffee somewhere, but it didn't happen.

The girls had a day off because the teachers were on strike.
We had a good time even though their autistic brother had some difficulty coping with his mom gone in the early morning and his sisters present at a weekday.
We made brownies and did some other nice things.
All in all we had a relaxing day.


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