Monday, January 16, 2012

Interesting family connections

Yesterday I found the picture of my gram back.
I couldn't find it for a while, but I know it wasn't lost.
I replaced it when tidying up, and I found it back in a booklet. Carefully put aside there.

Knowing that more about the war was put online I searched internet again.
Now I found my gram's brother among those killed in the war. In fact I found him again. He was on the list a few years ago, but taken from it. Now he's on the list again with some more information.
She also lost a sister, but the sister is called her niece in the reports about the war.
Well, het year of birth still is wrong on the geneology sites, as is the year my parents married. I'm sure these people themselves knew the dates well, so I stick to the dates they mentioned themselves.

Rummaging through the families I made an interesting discovery.
One of the former collegues at work was a family member. Haha...if my mom had known. My mom worked at the same office then, and she didn't value my gram's side of the family much. Just an ego thing. If she had know that one of the collegues she admired so much was one of that part of the family. Haha!!

I also got more insight in the relationships between the people that visited my gram regularly and to whom she took me often. They all had a close family relationship, like my kids have between them. I now know a bit more about who is who and where they were positioned in the family tree.

It's quite interesting and also very time consuming to dive in the family history.
I still know a lot of stories and still remember a lot of faces. So it has been fun to take some time to look into this.


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