Saturday, January 14, 2012

I Know I'm Losing You

1. Have you ever still been in a relationship that you knew was ending, but you hung in with it anyway? If yes, why?

Yes. Kids. I also think that a relationship can be changed into something mutually rewarding, even if it's not a husband/wife love relationship.

2. Tell why people around the world should be completely enthralled by you.

Completely enthralled? Haha!!

I'm nice, always smile, I can sing well, and impersonate some people rather well. So in other words, I'm good for a good laugh.

3. Other than where you live, what's your favorite city and why?

Not as much a ceity. I would love to live in a small house in Scotland, Wales or at the outer Hebrides. Somewhere with the sea, mountains or winds.

4. What is something you are really passionate about?

Music, the paper

5. What has been your most exciting prize that you've won?

I'm not a winner of huge prizes. Most exciting was a nice handmade glass bead and a christmasornament.
So let me win

6. Do you think there was there a second gunman behind the grassy knoll?


7. What was the silliest, most fun, crazy or impractical gift that you received?

Two huge glass candlesticks.
They're the best weapons of defense when we're ever attacked. They're so heavy that they can crush a foot.

8. What was the most practical gift that you received?

2 t-towels for my small house in scotland. Dreamhouse still.

9. What blogger has been in your blogroll the longest? How did you discover them?

Several. Found my friends surfing.

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