Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy 2012

Some say the world will end at the 21th of December according to the maya calendar.
But according to those who live acdcording to that culture and tradition, there will be a time of renewal.

I feel that way too.

We will have a struggle this year at the financial level.
When you're prepared to share what you have, there's nothing wrong with this year.

During the change of year we went outside and it was a surprise to find that far more people than usual came outside to wish each other a good year.
I got embraced by dear friends, but also by people I hardly know.

For the first time I got real champaign at the change of years. From a friend who doesn't deal with fake drinks.
I stood there, watching the enormous amount of fireworks in the middle of her family, with my family and some others and we looked at each other and knew that no matter what we will make it until another change of years. She runs a business against the tide, but she will make it work, no matter what. In fact we share that strong feeling: she for her business and I for the paper. We want our enterprises to succeed. Not because of our ego's, but because we feel inspired.

We will make this into a wonderful year when we're able to share and inspire each other.
There are plenty of families around us who need a hand, so I started to sort out clothes and toys and I'll find a way to give them without making people feel embarassed. I saved clothes because they were too good to throw away and the charity organisations put them into a shredder. It makes our house cluttered, but this year that will change a lot.

One of the girls will start a new life as she'll get her diploma (we hope), and one of the boys will get a job (we hope). Perhaps that will mean moving for them.
They're ready to fly from the nest.
I also hope our autistic boy will find a protected place to live. With all the changes in healthcare it will be difficult. But like with the others I feel his moment has come.
So sorting out things will be really sorting out things.

2012 will also be a hard year, as my best friend is dying. For him it will be the end of pain and struggle, but it will be very hard to his friends. And he's got many.
But for now we only look at the positive.

We'll make a good one of this year, and I wish you the same.

Happy new year!


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