Monday, January 16, 2012

GPS systems

Today the local paper reports about an invention of a group of students: a child tracking system based on GPS.
I feel sorry for them and even more sorry for those who awarded them for the socalled innovative project. They didn't invent something new.

GPS locators are available at The Source and at other places both on- an offline and they're widely used. For instance when a mountain rescue is needed or to track a lost or stolen car.

GPS means Global Positioning System. The device enables real-time satellite signals to establish the place where the thing or person to which it is attached is.

Right now there are so many systems on the market that it's good to review gps systems before buying one. There are levels of sophistication and prize levels. It's good to know what you expect from the system and what the experiences of others are. The Source provides you with that information.

Scotland is still on the list of future dreams and I've already talked with the children about needing a GPS system when we want to walk freely in unknown areas. It's also far more easy to find the spot of land we own and to find our way home when we've got lost or want the straightest way home.

I don't like all the technical advances we're confronted with the past years, but this ome I like very much.


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