Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A day with lots of surprises.

Remember our christmasbox was a huge disappointment?
I mailed the factory of the cookies and snacks asking if they wanted feedback on their products.
They wanted it, I gave it and this morning I received a box with luxury chocolates and a bag with licorice. Topproducts!
So that was nice.

Our autistic boy asked us to fetch a game which brought us near the Ikea. We took the opportunity to have a good look around, as we'll need a new couch in the near future and the rooms of the kids can do with other wardrobes.

When we went back to town and got out of the car to get the groceries a cold wind swept in our faces, and a freezing cold drizzle lashed our faces. It was sooooo cold!

In the library I found a book of our former queen. It didn't look nice anymore, but it's a welcome addition to our home library. Cost: 1 euro.
Got it!

The meeting I had this evening didn't have any important content. Result: 1 hour earlier at home than planned.

A mail of the wife of my terminally ill friend suggested he's not at home but either in hospital or in a hospice. The appointment we made to see him at saturday was very welcomed by her, but in the mail she didn't refer to him being able to talk to us then.
That was quite a surprise, as we thought to have made an appointment with them both.
I'm going to mail her back after this blogpost with some very concrete questions. It's OK he wants to go through this proces of detachment from life in his own way, I want to respect than and I've respected that. But I'd rather give him a hug and say nothing, than have a telephone call with some dull jokes.
He wants to call me. I hate telephone calls.
I'm able to visit him this weekend. So I'd rather do that.

I searched on internet the last information about the study one of the girls wants to start in september.
Great! The hospital has updated the site very, very well, and we now have all the answers we wanted.

And then finally, after discussing glassfiber internet, I sat down to watch one of the last episodes of As The World Turns.
Suddenly I felt something... molar broken.

My birthday is next week. So there goes the money to receive some friends at home.
The dentist has become a lot more expensive here....
That was not the way to spend that little bit of money I saved... that little bit that won't be enough...


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