Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Colour coincidence?

My former glasses had a rim around them with a colourline.
I was the only one in the country with such a rim, and I still am.

The whole rim story started about 8 to 10 years ago.
I needed new glasses but couldn't find frames that looked well on me. So the shopowner and I started brainstorming about the framelss glasses and decided that a rim with a colourline would do well.
And we were right.

So I had glasses like that ever since.

But when my former glasses were made the shopowner said he didn't want to put colour in the rim anymore. It's done with a fineliner and each tremble of the hand could be seen. So it needed a steady hand and pure concentration, both diminishing with age.
So you see... two years later...
I got the rim,. but not the colour.

Today I was tidying some old stuff when I found a fineliner with permanent ink. The colour is exactly the one of my glasses.

All I know is that I will fill in the rim when I'm ready with the look of these glasses. When the colour is in the rim I'll have a different look.
So that's two looks for the prize of one.

Mmmm, I like that!


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