Friday, January 13, 2012

Ballet and cars

Ballet and cars don't go together in our town.

A few weeks ago the council tried to install new meters for the parkingspaces.
Because people gave their tickets to each other, meaning that the 10 minutes they paid for were not used by the owner of the ticket and he gave it to another car owner to use, which is his good right, the council thought it better to claim that unused time for the council's benefit.
The new meters need the input of the carnumber, so unused tickets and unused tickettime can't be used by someone else.
Parkingspace will be paid part of time time twice or maybe three times.
Who is going to benefit?

Well, the new meters didn't work properly so they had no choice than to give free parkingspace.
Me oh my!
They thought we all were waiting for free parkingspace, but those who never come to town by car anymore have already found another place to do their shopping.

But...yesterday the shops in town were open all evening (the only evening in the week) so it was very busy in town. We drove around for half an hour. We decided to go to a parking building. It said it was not allowed to go there for a short time only. Well, when people are ready to pay 10.75 euro, why not?
I got out of the car to get our tickets for the balletperformance.
Wasn't it fun for the first time in ages we were in town?

In the meantime I found out that a mistake had been made with the ballettickets, but I got them for the second performance.
A good thing as the car could be parked only after search for 45 minutes and the ballettheatre was a 10 minute walk away.

In the meantime that the car was parked I spend some time in the hall of the ballettheatre. There was a lot of noise and people drinking wine and such. They had fun. Those were people of the council spending an hour there at the restaurant.
I was delighted to be able to leave the building and sniff the cold air and hear the town's noises.

The girls did well.
It was great to see their progress.
I had a good time, a really good time.

Afterwards, when we were waiting for them I spoke to their ballet teacher. She's my former teacher too.
We managed to find a solution for the soft pointed of one of the pupils, discussed a nice feature for the next performance and discussed some other matters in almost no time.

I love that! Being a former balletdancer and -teacher myself, having choregraphed quite a lot, I was so happy to help out.
Each time I leave there I feel like applying for a job again.
There are none....


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