Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Another storm

We had another storm today. The temperature was quite resonable: 10 to 12 degrees celcius, but the wind was fierce. Especially in the north of the country.

I love storm, so as soon as I had a chance I went outside for a short walk near the lake. I was a bit disappointed, because I wasn't blown from my feet.
Ofcourse I should have been at the beach, but it's a bit too far away.

We had to fetch the girls in the evening.
Me oh my, when a truck passed we got struck with a full force of storm and a slash of rain.
On our way back we had a bicycle on the carrier. We were lucky the wind was not as bad at that moment.
The girls were happy we didn't allow them to bicycle home in the dark. The bicycle path was full of branches and stuff, and we didn't want them to get hurt either by falling over the branches or by a branch falling down on them.

They had a great time staying at the home of their brother: baking, reading and being lazy. It's so good to see the children get along so well.

On our way back with the second bicycle the winds got worse and at one moment I thought the steer might get right through the back window. Ofcourse it didn't happen. But I checked the window well when we came home, just in case.

I planned to tidy the attick but ofcourse I didn't do so. Our autistic son would have been quite fearful that the roof might blow off, something he has seen happening at another house on TV.
As a small child he disliked even the least bit of wind in his face. We couldn't talk with him like we could with other children to ease his feelings. He just hated wind. So on the bicyle he sat behind a huge screen or hidden behind my back.
Funny, because i simply love weather like this.

Well, offer me a job in an area with lost of storm and a small house and you'll make me very happy.


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