Monday, January 9, 2012

Acknowledging your talents

I sensed some tears crawling to the surface. The skin around her eyes got a bit red.
"What's up?"
"No nothing. Tell me."

And she did.
With a classmate she had to present a song of Michael Jackson in a different style. She doesn't like Michael Jackson's music.

I see that's not the reason.
"Come on... tell me."

Most of the kids have piano lessons and some play the guitar very well. She can't compete with them.
"Are you going to use a piano or guitar?"
Immediately I see rockstars using a guitar as drums and play a piano with spoons.
"I sure have some ideas to make a different composition."

But the problem is that she wants to sing and is afraid to sing in front of the classmates.

She went to a choir, a catholic churchchoir (being a buddhist,) to ask if she and het sister could sing with them without asking us. LOL! When they were 7 or 8, and they sang with them until they were too old for the children's choir.

She, her sister and her friends have their own band.

It´s about self confidence, about looking at a situation without using her sense of reality.

So we talk about it. About dinging, what it means to her, what singing has done for me and what to expect at school.
"Maybe that teacher wants to take that part of the exam just by himself, without the group. It's not about performing in public, but about keeping rhythm and being creative with music."

I give her one of the rhythm instruments I have collected and offer her to take my bongos with her. She doesn't need them, she tells me and goes upstairs to make her homework. Much more relaxed, smiling.

When she comes downstairs again she's happy and OK with what she rehearsed.

Let's see what tomorrow brings.


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