Friday, December 23, 2011


A zafu is a cushion that is used by meditation and yoga.
I like a round one which is firm and high enough to fold my legs in a lotusposition without getting strange feelings because the nerves are compressed.

A few months ago I've bought one with a handle at the side so I can take it with me like a bag.

When I'm not using it it's somewhere in the room, either on the couch, beside the couch or on the floor in front of the TV.
The kids like the fact that the zafu is comfortable to sit on and enables them to sit straight.

Before I bought this zafu I sat on the floor, on a small soft cushion that didn't give any comfort than a bit protection against the cold.

The new zafu is nice to see, and it's easy to store. They're used at the yoga school nearby. Some of them are hung on the wall and others are piled up in a corner.

When you want to use a zafu in yoga class, first consult your teacher. Or maybe gift her one. Embroider a nice figure at the side so she can recognise her own one. or maybe make a special cover for it that can be washed.


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