Friday, December 2, 2011

Valet jobs

One of my sons needs a job and we're looking for it.
The problem is not that he doesn't like to work, but there are not many jobs available in this town.
He loves to work. I think he's one of the most loyal hardworking people I've known. Guess he's got that from his grandfather and greatgrandfather.
I come from a family of people who are not afraid to work and commit themselves to volunteerwork beside that. My grandfather was a teacher and organiser, and he was a good singer and conductor too. My father had a busy job, but was always ready to help a friend out who ran a choir. My father not only sang bass or tenor whenever needed, but not at the same time, he also conducted the choir, cared for his old mom, helped out a friend who ran a driving instruction organisation and a lot more.

My son is a security guard and would love to work, even abroad.
He has lots of experience already, but last night he said he should have some more experience when he wanted to work as a personal security guard.
So he now looks for Valet Jobs.
It's his strifing for perfection that makes him want this.
Nothing wrong with that.


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