Friday, December 9, 2011

Vacation granted...why? To the bottom of it.

Fianlly we got another reply from school.
In fact from the departmentleader who had been ill.

The secretary said the original request had been thrown away, but..oh miracle!... it was found again and... other parents handed in the request.

So it was good I pressed for some further action after the secretary had said it was a joke.
Otherwise they have ended the whole issue in an elegant way, because it would never be good when we had found the writer of the letter to be a teacher. No pupil knows the impact of such a letter on official organisations, that's our thought.

Well, we've had a good storm yesterday and we had another one today.
It started so suddenly that it freaked some kids out. LOL!

It's said it's the worst storm in Scotland in the last 15 years. Well, we're not there yet.

I finished knitting a scarf and hat. It was fun to do as the stitches were very large, and the red yarn was unbelievably fluffy, with silver sparks in them. So it's very christmassy.


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