Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Vacation granted...why? School reacts.

Today I got the reaction of school on my mail. (See a few blogs ago, with almost the same title.)

The request for vacation outside the regular weeks was handwritten.
Hmmm... I write small letters about homework and such by hand, but important ones are printed and signed.

The original was not available as it had been thrown away.
Hmmm... such requests are controled by the council and it seems strange that files won't be complete.

According to school no mistake has been made in taking our name instead of the one of others.
We thought that maybe other parents are waiting for a reply upon their honest request and they get no reply at all.

The whole thing was considered a joke by school.

A joke?

We've been put under guardianship less than one and a half years ago due to the mistakes of grown ups and due to two teachers who had no idea who we or the girls were.
Things were said about our relationship which were absolutely not true.
And the girls were both called depressed and afraid to go to school, which was completely nuts and still makes us laugh, even though the consequences of it all were sad.
We're not under guardianship anymore, but we haven't told that to school.
But...if we still were under guardianship requesting a vacation for one of our girls or both outside the regular weeks would be seen as an unresponsible act and would have triggered a response, one way or another.
Considering that, we've got an idea where the "joke", we call it bullying, comes from.
I won't mention names here as I don't have any proof at all.

The people at this school are so busy with themselves that they don't use their brains enough.
Why would we request vacation for one girl and not for the other?

I sometimes long for the school of the boys where they would have taken this seriously and would have gone to the bottom to find out who did this and why.
I told them they could consider my mail as a complaint and should go to the classroom and ask which parents work at a certain place (which was mentioned in the letter). That way they can find out if there has been a serious request and names were mixed up. At the same time they could observe the kids and possibly find out if one had faked the letter.

But I don't think they'll bother.

Any advice?


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