Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Unlawful punsihment

The school of the girls keeps on amazing us. Not in the positive way.
Let's tell the story.

The government decided to take away one complete week from the summerholidays.
That's strange.
Why keep kids at school for so many more hours when there are hardly enough teachers during the year?
There are so many lessons not given that each day the girls check internet to see of they have the scheduled amount of hours or have to fill empty hours.

The national student organisation called for strike against more hours which probably result in more hours at school without proper lessons.
The organisation of schoolleaders support their action, which resulted on this school in a letter to the parents to state their kids are allowed to go on strike after the parents have delivered a written permission to school in time.

We had a talk here at home about the strike.
The girls were not interested to go to The Hague to protest, but they signed the petition and wanted to go to school and see what would happen there. They saw no need for us to write a permission to strike.
One of them didn't want to miss lessons in her final year, the other said she would enjoy her class more without the noise-makers. Maybe the teachers would be more willing to explain things.
Sounded OK.

Today they came from school and told us that one of the teachers said that those who would go to the strike wouldn't get the opportunity to present their final paper on thursday (the strike is on wednesday), so they would get the lowest mark, had to use the 2 open places to remake exams, so their total final result would be lower than others.

That sounded like a punishment for the strike.
The girls said what I was thinking. When the schoolleaders agree with the strike it's not up to individual teachers to punish children for protesting. In fact it's against the law. On top of it: the rules for the final year are clear and written down, and those rules don't state a teacher can withhold pupils from presenting their paper.

I sometimes wonder if these teachers are aware there's more in this world than their own wishes.
The schools of the boys never had these strange interference of teachers.


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