Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A small post-christmas drama

One of our sons plays a worldfamous game.
They had some assessibility problems and due to that he needed to answer security questions.

He panicked, because he didn't know the answers anymore.
He had to mention his favorite book, and as he hates reading he just gave an answer that came to mind.. and as quick as it came into his mind, as quick it disappeared. LOL!

We could do nothing else than to call their helpdesk.... in Ireland.

And he was afiraid he wouldn't be able to understand...

After much encouragement he dared to call and came into the licingroom all white and trembling. There was no choice on the menu that fitted his question.

So I called.
Struggled again through the advertisement and the menu, which sure didn't contain a choice for his question and I just made the choice to go to the desk for entrance problems due to billing.

The music was awful, but maybe that was because I saw the money flipping out of the phone. In my imagination, that is. I didn't have any hallucinations.

Right at the moment that I wanted to quit the call I got a guy on the phone.
Ooowwww, that irish accent!
It was marvellous!

I explained the problem and he had to laugh.
"I know the prrrroblem", he said, "and I'm going to solve that forr your son. I have his account rrright in frrront of me."
I handed the phone over to my son and a few minutes later (and 10 euros poorer), my son came in with a huge smile on his face.
Problem solved.

We agreed that maybe we should call again soon.

Ooowww, that accent! Grrrreat!


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