Thursday, December 22, 2011

Preparing for the new year: insurance issues

The recession is hitting hard.
One of the main issues we have to deal with is having so many almost or already grown up people in the house.
The female part was without income, which is logical, considering the fact that the girls don't need an income and I'm the stay-at-home mom of the whole bunch.

The male part mainly had some sort of income. Dad's working and our autistic boy has a special needs benefit.

The next year things will change tremendously, as the income of the grown ups, except their dad's will disappear. No special care benefits anymore, meaning we have to deal with all expenses ourselves.

As the health insurance will be more expensive and we'll get less covered we need to be prepared well.

So we had a look at the glasses of the different family members and it turned out that our autistic son needs new glasses too (his siter got new ones two weeks ago, her dad too and her other sister a few weeks before them).

We had his eyes checked this afternoon and luckily we found an acceptable frame too.

We had a short conversation with the woman assisting us and she said that many people feel insercure about their financial circumstances next year. Like us many people visited the store this week to buy glasses now they're still covered.

I need new glasses too... but we also need to be able to finish this year with a few coins in our pocket.


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