Friday, December 16, 2011

A new kitchen sink

After repairing the door and painting the wall in the livingroom, some other issues in the house need to be taken care of.
We need new carpet on the stairs, but that should wait.

And I want the single bowl undermount sink in the kitchen being seen to.

Our kitchen is small, far too small for the large family we had, and I often wonder how I could cope so easily while people now have the luxury of two kitchen sinks and a kitchen island and still complain about a lack of space.

Our sink is single one, but I want a double one.
The owner of the house always wants cheap items and in this case it won't be a problem, because he can order online at and get wholesale prices. Shipping is free, so that saves a lot of extra money.

For a long time now I want another sink and as the corner top is complete crap I think I can ask the owner for something better. The top we have now is not solid and it moves when I put just a little weight on it. Worse: it collects water.

I'm sure he's going to ask some questions but I'll refer him to the advisors of SiennaSinks. They're experienced and know exactly what a family like ours needs.


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