Sunday, December 11, 2011


One of the girls loves dance and ballet.
She was very happy to be able to take part in a workshop modern dance, given by one of the jury members of "So you think you can dance."
One of her teachers was observing. He knows she wants to go to the balletacademy, so he will have a better idea if it's wise to audition.

After the experiences of my son dancing at the academy I support her whenever I can, without influnecing her in her decision.
I've seen so many mothers pushing their girls into their own dream and almost demanding their girls to get the futures their moms wanted.
I've had my dream and even though I would love to have the time and opportunity to dance with people my age (I initiated that in town myself a bit more than 10 years ago), I don't need my child to live my dream.

In fact I don't think the balletacademy is a world which should be entered without the pupil's own 300% motivation. That's especially for a girl. The competition is sometimes so mean.
But if my daughter, knowing it all, really wants to audition and her teachers are a 100% behind her, she won't find me in her way.
It's her informed decision.

She did well yesterday, that said by one of the people who have dealt with the best of the country says something.

Today we tried to have a rest-day.
Some of us were dealing with the last bit of the flu, homework needed to be finished and next week will be a busy one with parents' evenings, one of the boys having to make a decision about a new apartment, christmascards to be written and the decorations that will go up, after the last part of the room is painted.

I also saved the laundry that needs to be done by hand for tomorrow.
I shouldn't have done that.
While cutting the vegetables with the very, very, very sharp knife I sliced my thumb too. I was glad I kept my brains rolling the right way, so I used a lot of water to wash out the wound, let it bleed abundantly and then pressed it for over an hour before the bleeding stopped. I had no intention to get some stitches, so I folded the skin right on the spot and bandaged it well.
A few years ago I had a similar accident on the back of my foot and the skin took amazingly well, so let's hope I'm twice that lucky.

It was nice the oldest boy came by for dinner. We had a good time together and watched some lottery show in the evening as our autistic boy wanted to see it.
During the breaks we talked about the paper.
Turns out that there is an end editor, who takes the articles and kind of rewrites them the way he wants them. When it's not his taste he says he didn't receive them. Thtttt....mailing is great to show they were gone his way.
I told him that no way I want my name under something he has rewritten.
I also think it's strange I wasn't told from the beginning things work that way there. Especially as I requested for a head- or end-editor and I was told there was none. !!!

I now understand why my friend just left them there when he got ill. In fact I have the same feeling and my sons agree we should have a good talk with him and either take over the whole system and reorganise it into a proper paper, or leave it, which would mean the end of it.
I've worked my toes off the past month and there's not the slightest respect. I don't need thanks, but I'm way beyond the feeling that I need to feed ego's and honors of others.
The organisation is complete crap, not according to the official rules and the one person that's left on the board doesn't want a new board, unless he's chosen the people himself.
Doesn't sound well, does it?

That's not the place to be... so we'll soon have a good talk there and probably leave.
I think there are other places that would welcome my experience and talents far and far more.
Or maybe we should start our own paper.


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