Tuesday, December 20, 2011

It's back - Buddha and the snow

The small buddha statue disappeared from my keyboard a week ago.
I really missed it, which shouldn't be. Good buddhists are not attached to wordly goods. Lol!

To find the small statue of about 2 cm height I cleaned everything on my desk, beneath my desk etc etc etc. More and more I started to think I'd thrown it away myself when removing papers from my desk.

This evening I took quite a distance from my desk to tidy and clean things and then suddenly I saw it hidden behind a leg of the dinnertable. Not harmed in any way, not even dusty. Quite a strange experience to find it.
Even stranger: behind it there was a bag with sweets.

Strange, isn't it?

Well, we can deal with the sweets tomorrow.
I'm thinking about attaching the buddha on the desktop one way or another.
It's copper, so it can't be glued.
Maybe a black thread is enough to keep it there.

Last saturday we bicycled throw wet snow, now the world is white.
It's quite a lot covering the streets, but a higher temperature is expected later this night, so hopefully the girls won't have the negative consequences of the snow.
I for myself: I love it, as long as there's no need to go somewhere to an appoinment or to get groceries. I love walking in the snow...


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