Monday, December 5, 2011

In the news

In the south of the country a shoppingcentre has been closed because the whole building was slowly collapsing.
Probably because of former mining activities deep the ground the whole thing is collapsing and unevenly plowing itself in the ground.

I feel deeply for the shopowners.
They opened their shopped only 1 and a half year ago and all were just ready for the christmasseason.

Today they could get their inventory out of the building and move it elsewhere.
Soon the shoppingcentre will be demoslished.

In Koblenz, Germany, 2 bombs, one English and one American, from WW2 were dismantled after 45 thousand people were evacuated. The evacuation included 2 hospitals, a jail and 7 old people homes.

Isn't it amazing that those bombs were there all those years and could have caused tremendous problems. They were discovered by a bypasser who was looking at the very low level of the river.

Both newsreports show the importance of the past on our lives. Danger might be luring anywhere and when people are not careful they miss the signs.


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