Monday, December 19, 2011

I'm so shocked

I saw the video on TV about the molestations of protesters in Egypt and I'm so very, very shocked.
There are no words for seeing policemen stamp with force on the head of a woman (the one with the red coat). It's disgusting that things like that happen and a government doesn't condemn that behaviour.

For me the year 2011 has become a year of observation of the decline of the human race.
Ofcourse there are many kind people who have not even one evil thought in their body, nor mind.
But reading what others write and talking with people made me realise how many people just don't care about how others feel.

In the past there were high standards for people at jobs which required authority.
Now it seems like people who want power get the jobs and abuse of that authority isn't investigated but the person protesting against the abuse of authority is fined.
I saw an arrest and the policemen were using all sorts of ill words and behavioral tactics against that person driving him consciously to rage. When the guy used one of the same words those policemen used he was told he had no respect. I bet he got punished for that too, and none ever demanded any explanation of those policemen.

In a society where there is so much control, so much filed about people, it's possible to feel imprisoned between a happy past and dreams of a better society.
I don't belong here anymore. I question too much, too many people.
Teaching my children about society is teaching them how to observe, how to cling on to values of being a good person regardless of how others behave. And it means to teach them to have independent thoughts, logic and draw conclusions.
There's no need to judge people, I feel that's done in another way and it's not up to us in this life to judge others.

2011 is the year that the freedom of people slowly and gradually is taken away in countries that were considered free, and that fights for freedom took place in many countries.
It's almost like peaceful freedom doesn't exist anymore.
Desperation among the most peaceful people on earth resulted in young people setting themselves on fire.
My heart cries for what people are doing against each other.



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