Friday, December 16, 2011

A huge box

In the past receiving a box with presents for christmas from the employer was a main event.
The past years we receive a card and a login code and we have to decide what we want.
We don't like that system here. Even though we sometimes got presents we didn't like, it was a gift, and appreciated.

We ordered just 2 boxes with useful stuff.
Today we got a huge box delivered at the door.
When I say huge I mean huge. HUGE!!!
I couldn't take it in my hands so I had to ask the young postman to put it on the floor in the hall.
Well, let's say the hall doesn't deserve the name. It allows one person, coats and the heating against the wall. It's not even as large as a walk in closet. So what the box had too much the hall has too little.

We managed to open the box and like I told the kids there were a lot of those plastic aircushions and two small boxes.
And loads of those ugly silverfish animals. Argghhhhh!!!!
I was happy one of the older boys just walked in and took the box and threw it in the back garden.

The content of the boxes was disappointing.
But we found a bag of sweets and we ate them all.
Nothing was special enough to keep until christmas. What a pity.
What should be special now just disappears in the daily household. Like sprinklers for on sandwiches, and powder sugar.

Well, the intent was right... I think.
I just looked if there was a card in it so say happy christmas, but not even that was in the boxes.

Something else.

Someone asked me about the pain in my face after a shot of analgetic was put in my upper jaw at the dentist.
They really have hit a facial nerve. There is a blunt pain throbbing all day in my cheek and at times it pushes up to my eye.
Add to it the pain of the implant at the lower jaw and you can understand that even those silverfish were kind of a nice distraction. Ugh...
They won't leave my mind today.


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