Friday, December 2, 2011


I blogged before about my family and the genes that run from one generation to another.

One of the photos of my uncles was hanging in the main hall of school and every day I saw them. Two smiling faces looking over guitars. They were quite some artists I was often told by the older teachers. One of the uncles visited that school, the other was tolerated there because of their music. Quite extraordinary.

They inspired me to play the guitar too. It;s was the time of Simon and Garfuncle, and I still know all their songs.

This inspired my girls to play the guitar too.
One of them got a spanish/acoustic guitar as a present for their birthday. The other wanted to make her choice for one of the esp guitars.
She has to wait however until we've the funds to buy it.

It's so interesting to see the twins have identical interests, but they express them in a different way.
They both love ballet too. One of them will apply to get a place at the ballet academy. She's a more into classical ballet.
The other is more attracted by modern ballet. She's a typical martha Graham dancer, but she's not afaird of hip hop or streetdance.
She is the one with the expensive taste for musical instruments.

Some might ask if I'm OK with her playing an electric guitar.
I have to as I play highland bagpipes myself.
At least an electric guitar can be tuned down.


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