Sunday, December 11, 2011

Drift Away (RIP Dobie Gray)

1. Who or what bores you enough to mentally drift away?

The meetings at the paper. They're so boring that I use every excuse not to go. And that saves money too.

2. How many members of your family not living with you do you see on during the holidays?

I alwyas see them all as they like to come home.

3. When spending time with family, how long after you arrive do you begin to feel "antsy" about being there too long?

Depends and where I am, but I don't feel antsy often.

4. Does your family more generally get along at a holiday gathering or are there generally arguments?

We get along very well and we always have enough to talk about and enough to do. As most of us like to cook and to eat, people are never bored.

5. Are you ever embarrassed by your family around friends?

Oh yes, with so many with autism spectrum, but with friends... no, not often, as friends know us well enough not to be disturbed.

6. Of the celebrities that died in 2011, who will you miss the most?

I wanted to say Ramses Shaffy, but he´died in 2009.

7. When you watch a movie in a movie theater, do you like the theater filled to capacity, halfway full, or nearly empty? Does your answer change depending on the type of movie you're seeing or do you feel the same way regardless of the movie or genre?

I never like a crowded one, because I can´t leave my legs anywhere. The person behind me would have the same problems in a crowded movie theatre, so I would be bothered by his knees in my back.
Well, I never go to the movie theatre anyway, it´s too expensive.

8. What’s one really cool/useful/nice thing you purchased for yourself this year?

9. Are you in the holiday spirit yet?

We were in Germany for the groceries and the shops were rather nice. I bought a few small angels for under the tree. I think I´ll get the christmasstuff from the attick tomorrow or monday.

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