Friday, December 16, 2011

The dance around the male egos

Last week I was rather annoyed by the behaviour of someone at the paper.
It made me doubt if it all was worth the intense investment of time and energy. After all it's a volunteer job, but as real as a well paid job at a national paper.

I love the job, but I hate the dance around the male egos.
Never before I've been so confronted with my feeling of being the broom to sweep an organisation clean of all dull and energy sucking elements and create a vibrant atmosphere.
I don't like people who can't make decisions and postpone them until others make them for them.
Dealing with people who've made a wrong decision is in most instances easier than dealing with people who cling on my skirt, waiting for me to make a decision. (Maybe that's why I don't wear skirts every often, especially not those skinny ones women in businesses often wear.)

So last week I gave the main obstacle for the process of change the boost he wanted for his ego: OK, he was better than I am, was able to change my articles the way he wanted, so he should put his name under them and I would leave so he would be able to live without criticism.

Today he visited at a terrible time. I had paint on my hands, because I had the time and opportunity to paint part of the livingroom, and I was almost ready to make dinner.
Yep, he's a man and doesn't sense the inner urge of a mom to make soup and potatoes and healthy vegs.

We had a good talk.
That means he did the appologising and I gave my last round of free advice to finally call for a new board. As the last person of the board he had to call for a new board, but he waited two whole years to do that. I don't want to work for an organisation that doesn't have the most simple legal duties fulfilled.
He agreed it was time to take action. I set out a timeline and gave him my requirements to stay. Take it or leave it.
Never knew I could be such a businesswoman. LOL!

So finally he can leave part of his ego at home when being at the paper and accept the re-organisation that is needed.
I know what to do and the first hurdle is taken.
My goal is to create a good and healthy organisation that enables people to work in a very inspiring atmosphere. I've worked with volunteer organisations before with only the basic amount of money. It's a pity that at another paper int own the re-organisor earns 50.000 euros a year and I won't earn a penny. But I can do it faster and better.

Because in the past someone took the effort to teach me the ins and outs of running a paper. I loved to learn every aspect and he loved to teach every aspect.
I feel I'm ready to take it on... so let's go!


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