Saturday, December 17, 2011


We share a car with one of our sons.
He needs it this weekend, so we had the car today.

It was a great opportunity to go to the hospital and have some bloodwork done.
There is a small possibility to have blood drawn nearby, but I found out a few months ago that the blood goes to another town and then back to our town. That costs at least 3 hours and often more.

How I found out?

I wanted to calibrate my glucose measuring device, so when the blood was drawn I immediately checked it with my little machine. I did this over a longer stretch of time, so on several occasions and found out that the outcomes of labwork on blood taken at the hospital resembled my own outcomes far more than blood taken at the temporary lab facilities. Then I talked with one of the older laborants about these strange finsings and she told me about the long trip my blood is taken at the temporary lab nearby.

It was fun to enter the small room in hospital and see the same sister that works here. She had a good laugh too. She's so very nice.

I don't mind bloodwork and I was outside soon.

The wind and rain really hit me. It was so co-o-o-old!!


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